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Tahoe Arthroplasty Fellowship


Michael Ries, MD
Eric Boyden, MD


Sanjai Shukla, MD
Jackson Jones, MD
Timothy Bray, MD

One (1) year

Yes. Contact Fellowship Coordinator for more information

Reno, Nevada
Carson City, Nevada

The Tahoe Reno Arthroplasty Fellowship offers a yearlong fellowship in total joint replacement. Fellows have a chance to work with a variety of total joint surgeons in the operating room as well as the office. They will learn how surgeons from different backgrounds approach the challenging issues in joint replacement surgery and have ample opportunity to improve their surgical skills in a variety of situations.

The clinical responsibilities will be mainly to assist in and perform surgeries 4 days a week and in the office seeing patients 1 day a week. Each day will be spent with a different surgeon. The plan is not to be in Reno and Carson City the same day unless an interesting case makes that an appealing option.

Our fellowship is unique in several ways. It combines the training from a renowned academic surgeon and innovator, Dr. Michael Ries, with the 20 plus year experience of private practitioners (Anderson and Boyden), and a couple recently fellowship-trained total joint specialists (Shukla and Jones). The strong trauma program will also provide the fellow with many opportunities to help out with peri-prosthetic fractures (Dr. Bray). The variety of backgrounds will offer the fellow a well-rounded and comprehensive introduction to the care of total joint patients. We also offer the unique option of a half day per week to learn the business of medicine, where the total joint fellow can join the trauma fellow in meetings with hospital administration and office administration to help them understand the ever-changing environment of health care in the United States. The Reno/Tahoe region speaks for itself from the recreation and climate standpoint, but we are also an interesting healthcare region in which private practice, especially in orthopedics, has thrived and grown within the changing dynamics of medicine.

Our fellowship offers significant research opportunities and at least one clinical paper is required for completion. Research can range from clinical studies to the economic assessment of trauma systems. Fellows also often have the opportunity to become involved as authors in book chapters. A list of publications from the trauma faculty can be found on this website.

Conference Information:
We will have the fellow attend the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) conference each November. Meetings and conferences costs will be subsidized by MORE.

Application Information:
MORE participates in the San Francisco Matching Program (SFMP). In order to apply to our program, please visit https://www.sfmatch.org/, Click the “Start Here” button on the bottom left of their page. Then select the Adult Hip/Knee & Foot Fellowship Match and register for the Match.

Application Form
The Tahoe Arthroplasty Fellowship program through MORE accepts applications via the Central Application Service (CAS). Please register with the SFMP and complete the CAS application. SFMP will then send the application to HSS electronically.


Application Deadline

Current and Past Fellows

  • Neil Bharucha, MD – 2017-2018

    Medical School — New York School of Medicine
    Orthopedic Surgery Resident — University of California San Francisco
    Current Position — Tahoe Reno Arthoplasty Fellowship

  • Stephen Finley, MD – 2016-2017

    Medical School — Medical University of South Carolina
    Orthopedic Surgery Resident — Greenville Health Systems
    Fellowship — Tahoe Reno Arthroplasty Fellowship

  • Alexander DeHaan, MD – 2015-2016

    Medical School — Boston University School of Medicine
    Orthopedic Surgery Resident — Oregon Health & Science University
    Fellowship — Tahoe Reno Arthoroplasty Fellowship
    Current Position — Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists