HURT!, Fast, Free, Advice for Orthopedic Injuries.

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HURT! the app to have before you need it.

HURT! is a mobile app that links you with a virtual orthopedic specialist in minutes to help you assess the severity of the injury, navigate the best option or book a follow-up with a qualified specialist near you. That saves you time, money, and sanity. Injuries happen in an instant, knowing how to treat them should happen just as fast.

Reno Orthopedic Center has partnered with the HURT! app to offer free virtual access to orthopedic specialists.

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Not sure of the severity of your orthopedic injury?

Avoid the ER if you can by downloading HURT!, a free app that connects you with free, online orthopedic specialists in minutes.

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I twisted my ankle on the trails tonight and my ankle swelled up immediately. I would have gone to Urgent Care and waited 3 hours if I hadn't used this app. They saved me a bunch of money, time, and potential exposure to COVID. If you're active, you NEED this app!

Reported a foot injury. They messaged me within minutes. I provided a picture and was able to be seen within an hour of reporting the injury. Extremely convenient. LOVE THIS APP!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know I received communication back in under 5 minutes for my questions about my daughters hamstring. Gave me good advice and referred me to a clinic for more help if needed.

Thankful to be able to contact the HURT! app about a recent injury... I hope to not need this app again but very reassuring to know it is here to use. Very quick response!