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June 20, 2017
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June 20, 2017

Dr. Babovic is a fellowship trained hand and upper extremity surgeon. He grew up in Minnesota, where he attended Carleton College. He then went on to attend medical school at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. While there, he learned to take care of patients with all types of ailments, but ultimately his passion for orthopedics bloomed. He then went to Pittsburgh, PA to complete his orthopedic surgery residency at the Allegheny Health Network. Following this, he went on to a fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery at Brown University in Rhode Island. Throughout his training, Dr. Babovic has contributed to the academic community through publishing numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, as well as presenting at national meetings.


Dr. Babovic specializes in all conditions of the hand, wrist, and elbow. He has extensive experience treating patients with common disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve compressions, trigger finger, masses and lesions, and arthritis of the fingers and wrist. He also takes care of a wide array of traumatic injuries such as finger amputations, hand and wrist fractures, and traumatic nerve injuries. He has a special interest in applying innovative treatment techniques in effort of providing superior outcomes to patients. Specifically, Dr. Babovic believes that the use of minimally invasive techniques helps decrease scarring, pain, and healing time, and improves patient outcomes.


When he is not working, Dr. Babovic can usually be found racing cars on the track or in the garage fixing them. He also enjoys mountain biking, hiking, playing tennis, skiing, cooking, and traveling with his wife and son.

Thank you for seeing me!

“Thank you for seeing me! Dr. Justin Walker was extremely helpful in explaining my healing process and why my fractured pubic bone is so painful. He informed me the healing is a long process in this type of fracture. He helped with pain management, further care, rehabilitation and will continue to care for me until I am healed. ROC has been wonderful in all its care. Dr Jones did 2 hip replacements for me in 2016 and I have completely returned to my former life. I have referred several patients to ROC and I know 3 have Been seen by R0C. I will continue to refer to ROC!”

I am so grateful…

I wasn’t confident in the diagnosis or treatment plan or the doctor I saw there. I made an appointment with Dr. Jones after asking several people I know that have been to him and others at ROC. I am so grateful I had another option to be seen for my arthritic knee. I’m moving forward with Dr. Jones’ medical plan for me and I couldn’t be more at peace with my decision.

Simply the best!

Everyone I have had has been wonderful. I have seen Dr. Lundeen more than most and I love his demeanor and the way he cares. Simply the best!

I was extremely impressed

Never understood what a pain management physician did but [Dr. Witmer] was so professional as well as intelligent, I was extremely impressed. I now have a real start in managing my discomfort. Never thought it would happen. Thank you so very much for providing hope. I feel so much better already.

Very knowledgeable and personable

Dr. Boyden seemed very knowledgeable and personable. His recommendations for my knee were very accommodating to my requirements and he provided options for treatment. I was very impressed with his overall manner and professionalism.

Highly recommended, glowing reputation

Dr. Albertson was AMAZING!! She came highly recommended and lived up to her glowing reputation. We appreciated her knowledge, her personal care and concern and her recommendations for treatment. She was thorough and explained everything in a way my daughter and I understood. We would highly recommend Dr. Albertson to our friends and family.

Thanks Doc

Dr. Kalisvaart performed my first procedure and improved my range by 80%. That’s why I chose Dr. Kalisvaart to perform the other shoulder. Thanks Doc.

An excellent surgeon

Dr. O’Mara is an excellent surgeon. He saved the use of my right arm when I had an injury from a hiking accident. His conversation with me was comfortable, reassuring and informative. He is a 5-star human being!

Dr. Bray changed my life

Dr. Bray changed my life when he replaced my hip 20 years ago, and then alleviated a lot of anxiety about what I needed for a revision. He’s a hero in my whole extended family!

Excellent experience

Outstanding, professional and explained everything. Excellent experience. Dr. Shukla made me feel comfortable and was very concerned with my health. I would recommend Dr. Shukla to anyone.

You guys are AWESOME

What a GREAT team you have at the ROC. The staff was great, I’d like to send a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Becca, Kim Wilson and of course Dr. Tom Christensen for getting me in so promptly and taking care of my needs. You guys are AWESOME and you make a GREAT TEAM. THANK YOU to EVERYONE at the ROC the whole experience was excellent and I would highly recommend you!!

I was very impressed

I was very impressed with the time I had with Dr. Jones. He answered all my questions and provided additional information to help me understand the procedure, prep and recovery. He never made me feel like I was “on the clock” and it was so refreshing to be able to relax, breathe and absorb the information.

Very personable and straightforward

Dr. Whitlow was great. Very personable and straightforward and very easy to understand. Paperwork was straightforward as well and easy to understand. Facility is very clean and kept up well. Every staff member that I came into contact with was pleasant, friendly and outgoing. Thank you for your time.

Cheerful and helpful

I recently had some treatment at [ROC Express] with a follow-up appointment, later, in the main facility. Both front desk personnel were cheerful and helpful. You can tell when someone likes their job. If you can wrangle an appointment with Dr. Boyden, do it. He’s the best!

By far one of the best

I love Dr. Lundeen. He is so sweet and cares about his patients. I have never seen a Dr. get so excited about his procedure. I almost gave up and was so frustrated with my previous surgeon. My primary doctor and friends recommended him for a second opinion and I’m glad I did. He found the issue right away with both ankles. My worst ankle has had surgery and it’s the best it has felt in years. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done so far. By far he is one of the best ankle doctors in town.

Very efficent

Dr. James Christensen is a very talented and knowledgeable doctor. I love going to the office because it is very efficient and you don’t have to waste your time in the waiting room. His assistant Nicole is awesome and cheerful. She returns calls quickly to answer your questions! I would highly recommend this office!!

Very helpful

Dr. Albertson and her staff are the best, very helpful and they really look out for you.

Well experienced and capable

Dr. Witmer is obviously well experienced and capable. From the moment he walks in the room, you know that he knows what he’s talking about, and that you are in good hands. The fact he is confident we can work together to alleviate my back pain and not perform a “required” surgery suggested by another doctor, without surgery leaves me optimistic!

Knowledgeable and Kind

Everyone was very friendly, Ashley who did my x-rays was knowledgeable and kind. Regina, who is Dr. Webster’s MA, was friendly and eased my nerves. And Dr. Webster was the best! He even called my surgeon in Illinois to go over my procedure. Nothing but excellent service!

Exceptional care

Dr. Jones and his staff provided exceptional care, from the first appointment through surgery and postoperative appointments. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or better care. I would recommend Dr. Jones for hip replacement surgery to anyone and in fact, do so whenever the opportunity arises.

Very pleasant

I was very pleased with my visit. Dr. Watts was very pleasant. My whole experience with my visit was excellent. Thank you.

Extremely friendly and helpful

Everyone from the people downstairs in the hall to the receptionists to Dr. Bray, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. ROC is my ace in the hole to be able to continue bodybuilding and stay in shape. I am 63 now and because of ROC I will keep going indefinitely.

Staffing was great

Staffing was great, got us right in and was very friendly and personable. Dr. Webster was great with my daughter! Everyone from the front desk, to the x-ray tech to the doctor was amazing!!! Would never go anywhere else…thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Reassuring and informative

Dr. O’Mara is an excellent surgeon. He saved the use of my right arm when I had an injury from a hiking accident. His conversation with me was comfortable, reassuring and informative. He is a 5 star human being!

Elbow Replacement Success

“I couldn’t ask for a nicer surgeon and staff at ROC as a whole. I have and will recommend Dr. Christensen to friends and family. My elbow replacement has been the best thing since sliced bread, with great pain relief! My function is drastically improved, as I couldn’t straighten my arm all the way beforehand.” – Susan

The result so far as been terrific.

Dr. Brian Gilmer performed surgery on my knee. The result so far has been terrific. He and his team was informative before and after the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Gilmer and ROC to anyone that has Orthopaedic issues.

Pleasant and most importantly efficient!

Wow! Great addition to Carson City on so many levels. Beautiful facility with x-ray and MRI on site. Check-in personnel were pleasant and most importantly efficient! Such a great way to avoid the ER for orthopedic issues. ( Especially when the ER ends up referring you to an Orthopedist anyways! ) I have used both the ROC Express service and Follow up care. The medical assistant promptly scheduled tests and followed up in a very timely manner. The best part was being fortunate to have been scheduled with Dr. Brian Gilmer. Very experienced and thorough. He answered any questions and walked me thru test results all with an amazing attitude. I will definitely be seeing him again for any of my family’s orthopedic needs. Dr. Gilmer shows true interest and professionalism. Highly recommend!

I will recommend highly to neighbors and friends

Dr. Gilmer was so thorough and demonstrated a sincere willingness to help. He answered all my questions clearly. How awesome to find an experienced Doctor with an amazing attitude. Dr. Gilmer has a lot of experience and training. Review his website for further information. So thankful to have found a Doctor who I will recommend highly to neighbors and friends. I will bring my family to him for any orthopedic concerns.

Expertly done and absolutely painless

This was for a knee problem, gone rogue and osteoarthritic with age and maybe a series of other problems. First appointment for me with ROC. Dr. Albertson was impressive with her assessment and getting very precisely to where the pain was. By the time we got around to talking about a steroid shot it was clear to me that she had a big depth of experience. When I asked, she mentioned that she had done about 15 of them that day already. This was my first knee shot so I didn’t know what to expect but it was expertly done and absolutely painless. But she also emphasized that the shot was not a cure-all and that the knee multiplier was about 6x and that I needed to lose weight (which I already knew) and to do the prior physical therapy exercises even though they had not helped much at the time and to up my protein intake. She had reviewed the prior X-rays from Renown before the appointment. The next day the pain is gone. Yesterday was my 86th birthday so I got a nice present. Just for the record, I was on the governing board of Feather River hospital in Paradise CA for 18 years. I have seen good healthcare and not so good. This falls in the GOOD column.

BEST manner of any doctor I’ve seen

First of all, I was totally stoked on FINALLY getting a female Orthopedic Surgeon. On top of that, she has the BEST manner of any doctor I’ve seen. She took the time to explain, in detail, what was happening in my knee and how it was going to get fixed. I’m completely confident she will get me back to running in no time.

Very nice physician!

Very nice physician! I had a skiing injury and it was scary being so far from home (I live in Florida). Dr. Swanson made me feel comfortable and he reassured me that I would recover just fine.

As personable as a person can get

Dr. Young is about as personable as a person can get. Really like the way he presented the options available to me. Would highly recommend him to others!

Zebrack has literally SAVED my LIFE

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Dr. Zebrack is!! I’m 30 years old with RA and an inverted hip that was bone on bone for 30 years!! In the span of 1 1/2 years he scooped my knee and gave me a full hip replacement 16 days..for the first time in my life I feel no chronic pain. Zebrack has literally SAVED my LIFE and I can finally do things I never thought I would get to do!! The best part for me..and this is just my opinion.. he honestly doesn’t care about your life story he’s there to do one thing and one thing only and that’s to fix and change people’s lives!! Dr. Zebrack is a true angel sent from heaven…

Very professional & thorough

Everyone was so kind and helpful. The staff helped me with all my needs, and Dr. Shukla was amazing. Very professional, thorough and explained everything to me. I was very impressed and happy I made the appointment with him. I will highly recommend him to all my friends. Outstanding service!

Such a painless experience

Obviously going to any doctor is quite scary. I do have to say this was such a painless experience aside from  my own physical pain. I’ll be coming back to address my lower back WC issue. I believe ROC will have me in tip top shape before I know it! Thank you ROC & all you wonderful staff!

A breath of fresh air

Dr. Albertson was a breath of fresh air considering I have had some medical care below par lately. I appreciate her attentiveness, honesty and bedside manner! She definintely is an asset to the ROC! I will refer people to her from now on.

Absolutely amazing

Dr. McCarthy was absolutely amazing. I actually came up to Reno from the Bay Area because I had heard such great things about ROC. Dr. McCarthy confirmed everything I had heard. I will continue to make the long journey up to ROC for years to come thanks to the amazing service and knowledge.

Great interaction

I was generally surprised by the great interaction with Dr. Witmer. He listened to my complaints, his physical check was thorough, and he seemed prepared and knowledgeable of my issues prior to entering the room. This was great, because this was my initial appointment with him. I am excited to see how my treatment progresses and look forward to seeing him again.

Thank you Dr. Christensen

I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Christensen to anyone who needed surgery.  He is a very skilled surgeon, but more importantly he makes non-surgical options available and clearly explains the risks of all options.  Three years following my surgery I am still 100% satisfied with the outcome.  I would definitely opt for the same surgery option if presented with that situation today.

While it takes some physical therapy to gain full range of motion, it comes with some discomfort.  However, I am 100% pain free and my range of motion is as close to 100% as one could have hoped for.  I am able play golf, to fish for 100# plus halibut in Alaska and to fly fish for many species all without pain or discomfort.

The procedure greatly improved on my pre-op function.  Prior to the surgery I had difficulty getting my wallet out of my right rear pocket and I had begun to carry the wallet in my left rear pocket.  Following surgery and a couple months of physical therapy I have regained full function in my right hand / wrist.  The function is significantly better than he had been for many years.  I have no pain and am able to use my right hand in every normal way.

Reflecting on the entire process of living with limited function in my right hand and some level of pain everyday for many years I was somewhat surprised by the diagnosis 3 years ago.  Considering all options available to relieve the pain and to gain better functionality I opted for the total wrist replacement procedure.  I would, without question, opt for the same surgical option if given the option all over again.  I am otherwise a normal, healthy 69 year old man who is able to enjoy the benefit of retirement that would have been limited without this surgery.  Thank you Dr. Christensen and your entire team, including the folks at the ROC physical therapy division, they are all professional, kind and very skilled.

Huge shoutout to Dr. McCarthy!

Huge shoutout to Dr. McCarthy!! My shoulder is doing great! What a wonderful team I had! I’ll be looking you kids up for the next one! Love and prayer, stay healthy.

Kind, caring

Dr. Boyden replaced my husband’s hip yesterday and he was doing fantastic right out of surgery. I can’t say enough good about the nurses and staff at the surgical center. They were kind, caring and very good at making people comfortable both emotionally and physically. They worked with me so I could assist him through recovery that was safest for both of us considering we’re both elderly. We will definitely use Reno Orthopedic Clinic and Dr. Boyden for all of our orthopedic needs. Thank you to everyone at Reno Orthopedic who helped us through this time, we could not have asked for better treatment.

Thanks for making my life better

I am 5 months post op from anterior hip replacement. Dr. Jackson Jones was my surgeon. I feel wonderful. I am pain free. My appreciation for the expertise of Dr. Jones and the team of professionals who took care of me is boundless. Thanks so much for making my life better.

Phenomenal Physician

Dr. Christensen is a phenomenal physician. His care, attention to detail, and straightforward advice is what patients need. I’m very happy with my care thus far.

Very helpful

Dr. Arraiz was very helpful in dealing with my pain and advising me on options to deal with the injuries that I had I appreciate the time he took to explain what he thought were the best possible ways to approach dealing with the different types of pain from multiple injuries that I had incurred I would and have recommended him to others for his professional care.

Improving the quality of my life

I appreciate Dr. Arraiz and his entire staff, they work together beautifully to help me feel better, get back into my life again. Swimming, walking my two dogs, hiking, fishing, cooking, sewing, arts and crafts-so much more. Improving the quality of my life=priceless!

Fantastic doctor

Dr. Arraiz is a fantastic doctor. I have been his patient for many years and he is an excellent listener. He provides straight forward feedback and is very kind. He understand your pain and tries many option to reduce your pain.

I will continue to go to ROC

I have been seeing Dr. Dobbs for years and he is great. He always gives me options for treatment and of course what he would recommend and it is my decision on how I want to proceed. I trust his and his staffs judgement I will continue to go to ROC.

Very good Doctor

I would Highly recommend Dr. Dobbs. He takes his time explaining what option is best for your particular situation. He is a good guy. Great attitude, and a very good Doctor.

Excellent doctor

He’s an excellent doctor. He’s very thorough and explains things well. He’s excellent at what he does and takes the time to listen. He lets you make up your own mind about surgeries etc. in other words he’s not pushy.

Wonderful in all respects

Dr. Ries is wonderful in all respects. He listens, answers all questions completely and is great surgeon. He performed a knee revision for me with an out come that I couldn’t be more pleased with. Just wish I had him for the first surgery. Recently he did a hip replacement for me.. I have arthritis in both hips and knees ( replacing parts as needed ).. I have total and complete confidence in this doctor.

Good as new

I recommend Dr. Ries without reservation. I interviewed other doctors prior to asking Dr. Ries to do my hip replacement. He is patient, listens and understands patient concerns. The hip replacement went well, he followed up and made sure that my physical therapy for rehab matched what was needed. The recovery was complete. I forget I have a replacement as I am totally pain free and mobile. I can hike 10 miles and I am no spring chicken. The operation was in 2007 and is as good as new.

Outstanding surgeon

I am a physician myself. Dr Sekhon has operated my spine twice in the last four years. He is a consummate professional and an outstanding surgeon. I have had excellent results. His team is very attentive. I would strongly recommend Dr Sekhon and his team at ROC to anybody who needs his highly skilled professional services.

Highest levels of professionalism

After being diagnosed with stenosis at L4-L5 that was impacting my everyday activities, I sought out Dr. Sekhon for treatment options. He described the range of possibilities clearly and completely, including the surgery (laminectomy) that he thought most likely to produce improvement, and which we ultimately selected. Dr. Sekhon inspired confidence, maintaining the highest levels of professionalism at all times – as did his support staff. I can recommend him heartily, and without hesitation, on every count.

Competent and caring doctor

From the very first visit, I was favorably impressed by Dr. Sekhon and his staff. He explained everything and handed out information for me to read. I felt very confident that he was a competent and caring doctor. I am about 7 weeks post surgery, and as I look back now, I realize how well I was taken care of. I feel that I had the best care available, and most of all, my pain is gone!

Everything was first class

I had my ACL and meniscus fixed by Dr. Uppal at ROC Surgery Center. Everything was first class from preop to postop. I’m 2 weeks out, off crutches and on a bike. Took only 5 pain pills first off. Dr. Uppal is my go to guy for Sports Injuries. Could not recommend more highly. 5 stars.

Fantastic work

Dr. Uppal removed bone spurs from my left elbow in 2009 and my right in 2015. He did fantastic work both times and have had no issues in either elbow since. I have complete confidence in him and his surgical expertise.

Confidence in his expertise

I had confidence in his expertise and felt his compassion and concern for my comfort.

Pure talent

When you see a pure talent, it is hard to not express yourself. He is gifted. We are lucky to have him in Reno.

Very helpful

Dr. Weldin was very helpful and reassuring. I loved her bedside manner.

Nikola Babovic, MD

Specialties: Hand and upper extremity surgery, including elective and traumatic conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s, trigger finger, fractures of the fingers/hand/wrist, nerve injuries, tendon lacerations, masses and tumors

Fellowship: Brown University Hand & Upper Extremity Fellowship

Residency: Allegheny Health Network Orthopedic Surgery Residency

Medical School: Mayo Clinic School of Medicine



Peer-reviewed articles

Babovic N, Klaus D, Tang P, Miller MC. Assessment of Conduit-Assisted Primary Nerve Repair Strength with Various Suture Size, Number, and Configuration. HAND. 2018 Apr [Epub ahead of print].


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Chauhan A, Babovic N, Moraca R, Altman DT. Use of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation to Stabilize a Patient with Polytrauma During Intramedullary Nailing of a Femoral Fracture: A Case Report. JBJS Case Connector. 2014 Nov; 4(4): e112.


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Babovic-Vuksanovic D, Ballman K, Michels V, McGrann P, Lindor N, King B, Camp J, Micic V, Babovic N, Carrero X Spinner R, O’Neill B.  Phase II trial of pirfenidone in adults with neurofibromatosis type 1. Neurology 2006;67(10): 1860-1862.



In Process of Submission


Babovic N, Chauhan A, Frank D, Demeo P, Miller M. What is at Risk During Ulnar Trans-Osseous Tunnel Drilling in Elbow Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstructions? American Journal of Sports Medicine.


Babovic N, Carlsen BT, Bishop AT, Moran SL, Shin AY, Cayci C. Functional Donor Site Morbidity Following Vascularized Medial Femoral Condyle Corticoperiosteal Flaps. Journal of Hand Surgery.


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Babovic N, Birdsong E. Clinical outcomes and cost analysis of a new technique for thumb carpometacarpal arthroplasty. Journal of Hand Surgery.


Book Chapters

Babovic N, Carlsen BT. Chapter: Upper Extremity Amputation. Critical Limb Ischemia: Acute and Chronic, edited by Robert Dieter, Aravinda Nanjundappa, Raymond A. Dieter, Jr. and Raymond A. Dieter, III. ISBN 978-3-319-31991-9.

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