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Nevada Spine Specialists & Surgeons

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No two patients experience spinal problems in the same way. Their pain is unique, so are their limitations. And that's precisely how we treat them. As individuals, as human beings with real questions, concerns, and hopes for recovery. Our methodology is anchored as much in listening as it is in trailblazing science. We provide a patient environment that’s warm, welcoming, attentive, and reassuring, a place where everyone is cared for the way we’d expect our own loved ones to be cared for. It's a painstaking continuum of care that employs the latest in diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation strategies.

ROC's fellowship-trained spine doctors and surgeons specialize in a wide range of spine-related conditions, including herniated or degenerated discs, nerve or spinal cord compression, adult and adolescent scoliosis, slippage of the spine known as spondylolisthesis, spine trauma/fractures, as well as bone tumors affecting the spine. If you are dealing with chronic back or neck pain, contact us to talk through your treatment options. ROC serves patients in Reno, Sparks and Carson City.

The Sacroiliac Joint

The last segment of the spine is known as the sacrum. It attaches on each side to the large pelvic bones known as the ilium. The joint which connects the two is called the sacroiliac joint or “SI joint.” This joint's integrity depends on strong ligaments that encase it, providing compression and stability.

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Spine Physicians

"Dr. Goz is awesome! He makes sure you have all the information that you need and always helps weigh your options before going straight to surgery. Would definitely recommend Dr. Goz!"

"Dr. Sekhon is the best! He recently rescued me for the second time. The first was 11 years ago when a bulging disk shut down my left leg. Two months ago he performed urgent surgery on the stenosis of my lower lumbar spinal cord and nerves which nearly shut down both legs. Surgery in both cases went off without a hitch, and while recovery from my recent lumbar laminectomies is slow, as expected, I am definitely making progress through the physical therapy approved by Dr. Sekhon. I would recommend him and his staff to my closest friends due to the high quality care I have received."

"We were very pleased with our appt with Curt Erickson. He took his time to listen and answer all our questions. Very nice, very knowledgeable and professional."

"Greg was extremely detailed and displayed an interest in my situation. A plan to continue to find out what will be needed to resolve the cause of the discomfort and pain."