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Hand & Upper Extremity

Orthopedic Hand Care

Your fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders are made up of more moving parts than any other area of your body. When they’re healthy, they’re capable of amazing things, from delicate movements to acts of profound strength. But even the smallest manifestation of pain or loss of function can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

Our specialists provide the most-advanced care for conditions ranging from the tip of the fingers to the top of the shoulder, and everywhere in between. Treating patients of all ages, as well as injured workers, ROC’s multidisciplinary approach employs state-of-the-art diagnostics, the latest minimally invasive procedures, and physical and occupational therapy, to eliminate pain and restore meaningful function.

Hand & Upper Extremity Physicians

"I was able to get an appointment fairly quickly and drove over 2.5 hrs to go to this clinic. The staff were efficient and helpful and Dr. Babovic was so quick to understand and problem solve. My surgery is scheduled within 3 weeks and I’m feeling heard and really optimistic. Thank you all!!!"

"Dr. Kaiser is very professional as well as thorough. He explains everything in plain English terms. I would recommend Dr. Kaiser and ROC to anyone needing orthopedic services. Thank you Dr. Kaiser for fixing my fingers."

"If Dr. Thomas Christensen had not performed my surgery the night of my accident, I do not think I would’ve been making as good of recovery as I am. He took the extra effort to open up the operating room on a Sunday night because, I fell, he knew it was in my best interest to get the surgery done that day versus waiting for the next day. I really appreciate his conscientiousness and his expertise."

"Dr. Joslyn was amazing. I was going out of town in the days she normally does surgery but she was concerned about length of time since the injury occurred. She scheduled my surgery on her morning off as it was the first day I was back. Surgery couldn’t have gone better. She was caring , attentive and explained everything thoroughly. I feel so lucky to have met her and that she did my surgery. I wholeheartedly recommend her."