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Robotic Assisted Joint Replacements

Reno Orthopedic Surgery Center Begins Use of Northern Nevada’s Only Mako Robot

Northern Nevada’s most experienced joint replacement team just obtained a new member – the Stryker Mako Robot.  We met up with Drs. Chad Watts, MD and Sanjai Shukla, MD from Reno Orthopedic Clinic to discuss how the robot will affect joint replacement care for patients at their new state of the art outpatient surgery center.

What exactly is the Mako Robot?

Mako is a tool that helps make joint replacement surgery more precise.  A 3D model of the knee is created prior to surgery, and then intraoperative measurements are taken to further customize the surgical plan to best fit that specific patient’s soft tissues.  The surgeon still does the entire surgery, but a robotic arm is used to help guide the saw that cuts the bone, ensuring that cuts are precise, which may help improve long-term outcomes.

Is robotic surgery better?

Studies have shown that robotically assisted partial knee replacements have improved results and lower need for revision.  The application of this technology to total joint replacement is relatively newer, so those same results are pending.  The potential for improved outcomes would largely be due to the following:

Who is a candidate for robotic joint replacement?

Thanks to recent advancements in technology, robotics can now be used in practically any partial or total joint replacement, and even some revision replacements.  As with any technology, it is important to discuss the pros and cons specific to your surgery with an experienced total joint surgeon.

Why have my joint replacement at ROC?

ROC is the only Reno-based orthopedic group where you’ll find a fellowship-trained total joint surgeon – and we have 5, who boast training from programs such as the Mayo Clinic, Rush, Harvard, UCSF, and OrthoCarolina.  With the only outpatient total joint program in Northern Nevada and the experience that comes from performing more than 2,000 joint replacements per year and more than 300 peer-reviewed publications, we can provide you with expert care close to home.

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