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Joint Replacement

Joint, Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Replacement

You’ve got a lot riding on your knee, hip, and shoulder joints. They’re the major hinges of your body, determining your capacity to work, play, exercise, and enjoy life. When they begin to fail, pain and limitations very quickly take center stage.

Our impeccably trained team of joint specialists, the region’s leaders in eliminating pain, restoring stability, and welcoming freedom of movement back into your life, utilize the latest diagnostic innovations to determine the cause of your pain and the best course of treatment.

Conditions We Treat

Our Joint Team diagnoses and treats some of the most common conditions that affect the joints, including Hip Arthritis, Knee Arthritis, and Shoulder Arthritis.

In cases where surgery is required, be it in the form of arthroscopy (joint scoping) or arthroplasty (joint replacement), our surgeons stand head and shoulders above the rest, performing thousands of these minimally invasive procedures every year.

Recognized Leader in Outpatient Joint Replacement

Reno Orthopedic Center is a recognized leader in outpatient joint replacement. Our forward-looking approach has yielded numerous historical “firsts.” The most significant being the performance of both the region’s first outpatient total knee replacement and the first outpatient anterior approach hip replacement, a procedure that allows surgeons to operate from the front of the hip rather than the side, preserving muscle tissue and speeding healing.

To learn more about our outpatient joint replacement procedures or to schedule an appointment with the Center of Joint Replacement, contact us.

About Your Knees

The knee is a complex, hinge-like joint. With support from cartilage, ligaments, and muscles, the two bones at the joint move over each other so you can straighten and bend your leg. In a healthy knee, the surfaces of the thigh and shinbones are smooth and lubricated by joint fluid so they can roll, rotate, and glide easily over each other. Cartilage covers the bones evenly, allowing smooth movement. Protected by the kneecap and held in place by muscles and ligaments the joint bends freely.

About Your Hips

The hip joint connects the pelvis with the legs. It is a ball and socket joint with the ball on top of the femur (thigh bone) and the socket in the pelvis. It allows for twisting, bending, and back and forth motions. Reaching down to the floor and putting on your socks and shoes require a nearly normal range of motion of the hips.

Walking, running, and most other upright activities can be painful if the hip is damaged, and even sitting for long periods and sleeping can be disrupted by a diseased hip. Strong muscles connecting the pelvis to the femur power the hip joint and are also subject to injury. Ongoing research into hip joint mechanics and various injuries is leading to more options for treating this large and important joint.

Joint Replacement Physicians

"Couldn't be happier with Dr. Jones and staff. Professional, personable, patient, and considerate, just to name a few. If I had anymore hips (both replaced), that needed medical attention, I'd be right back in his office. Can't thank them enough for my new parts."

"I was in a serious car accident in 1994 while traveling thru on I-80 near LOVELOCK. Found myself in the hospital with all 26 bones in RF and ankle crushed. Dr. Boyden did several surgery's and remarkably saved my foot and I can walk on it."

"On Thursday, April 7th, I had partial knee replacement surgery done at your clinic with Dr. Chad Watts. I want to say “Thank You” for the kind, compassionate, caring, and consistently cheerful care I received from your staff. From the first person I saw as I walked into the front door of the Surgery Center to the last person giving me post-op instructions, every single person I came in contact with treated me like royalty. Years ago, a study was done to try and determine why the Mayo Clinic had such an incredible reputation worldwide. The conclusions were that it had nothing to do with the doctors. It was the caring, compassionate care given by the staff. Obviously, your clinic mimics that. Again, thank you so much."

"I’ve previously had my left hip replaced 15 years ago. My surgeon was an excellent, caring professional. But, I have to say that Dr. Shukla is all that and much more. Not only was he caring, interested, concerned, extremely clear, making all the information easily understood but was also a great listener."