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Trauma & Fractures

Treating All Major Fractures

Whether it’s a simple broken bone or complex fracture that requires specialized treatment, accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. You can’t plan for them or anticipate the havoc they can unleash on your body. Thankfully, Reno Orthopedic Center’s Fracture and Trauma surgeons are the region’s most-qualified and experienced in treating these sudden, complex, and potentially life-changing injuries.

As recognized leaders in both urgent surgical repair and the post-trauma restoration of function and appearance, our team is known for their expert decision making and the empathetic, patient-first methodology they bring to every case. They are also widely recognized for their continued contributions to clinical research and the authorship of scientific articles.

Why choose Reno Orthopedic Center?

  • Fellowship Trained Fracture & Trauma surgeons
  • Providing surgical services to all Reno and Carson City hospitals
  • Experts in treating both adult and pediatric patients
  • Leadership in new surgical and patient-care techniques, often presenting their innovations at national and international conferences
  • Wide-range of on-site services including:

Our highly trained Fracture & Trauma specialists treat injuries that range from those occurring during sports and recreational activities to those that more complex and severe.

In addition to providing ‘round-the-clock coverage to all area emergency departments, we maintain a leadership role in the management of Renown Medical Center’s trauma program, the only one of its kind in the region.

Office Consultations

If you’ve been to the ER and have been diagnosed with a broken bone or fracture, suspect you may have a broken bone or fracture, or are seeking a second opinion, we urge you to contact our schedulers to set up an appointment with one of our specialists.


If you are in need of care, please visit one of our walk-in orthopedic care facilities, ROC Express.

Emergency Room Consultations

Reno Orthopedic Center’s surgeons are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cover all area emergency rooms. If you or a family member are injured, just ask for the Reno Orthopedic Center physician on call. You'll be treated by a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in the latest fracture care techniques. Requesting the Reno Orthopedic Center’s Trauma & Fractures team is your first step towards the best-possible recovery.

Trauma & Fractures Physicians

"Dr. Althausen exceeded all of our expectations. He is the rare mix of exceptionally knowledgeable in his area of expertise along with being incredibly personable. He explained everything in a manner that was understood and showed kindness and compassion not often seen in healthcare. Exceptional in every way!"

"Everyone who I encountered in my appointment was great. Very attentive, very kind. Dr. Bray is a very nice man, but also efficient and great at his job!"

"Dr. O'Mara presented a very aggressive treatment plan for me which took me by surprise and overwhelmed me at first. In the end, we followed his plan. He ended up being totally on the mark and I’m so happy that I followed his advice. He is an excellent physician who cares about his patients."