Custom Orthotics

What is this service?

This service is an evaluation to determine if you are a condidate for:

  • Custom Orthotics

  • Extra Depth/Wide Shoes

  • Shoe Modifications

  • Expert Fitting

How much will it cost?
$50 assessment fee, applied to orthotic or shoes order. Orthotics are approximately $400, exact price will be quoted during evaluation.

How can I make an appointment?
Call 775-786-3040 to schedule an appointment or ask a ROC desk receptionist to assist you.

When are appointments available?
Appointments are available Tuesday through Thursday.

Financial benefits under insurance:
We recommend you call your insurance provider to see if you have custom orthotic coverage and benefits.

Where is it located?
The Center for Foot & Ankle is located in the ROC Medical Plaza at 350 W. Sixth Street on the first floor.


“Pete through his abilities and professionalism has brought my pain levels down considerably. New shoes and his eye for detail with the orthotics have made a world of difference.”