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Foot & Ankle Research

Annually, the team at The Center for Foot & Ankle completes at least one research project and then presents the scientific findings at national orthopedic conferences and/or publishes the findings in peer-reviewed journals. This firm commitment to the future development of orthopedic foot and ankle science results in an orthopedic practice that offers state-of-the-art, evidence-based, best-practice orthopedic care for our foot and ankle patients.

The Center’s most recent research studies that have been published in professional journals are listed below. Please refer to the providers’ CVs for a full listing of publications and scientific presentations.

Since 2006, the following research studies have been published in professional journals (refer to Dr. Lundeen’s CV for additional publications and scientific presentations):


Foot & Ankle Publications

Gregory A. Lundeen, M.D.
Scott R. Whitlow, M.D.

Sports Medicine Publications

Ryan E. Dobbs, M.D.
Renny Uppal, M.D.
John E. Zebrack, M.D.

Trauma Publications

Peter L. Althausen, M.D.
Timothy J. Bray, M.D.

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