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Spine Surgery Can Be Done in One Day

The prospect of spine surgery can be daunting for any patient. If spine surgery is offered to you, it is important to know your options. While speaking with your surgeon about your surgery, be sure to clarify if it will be a single procedure or take place over multiple days in stages.

Below are key facts to keep in mind when choosing your surgeon and deciding if their course of action is the best for you:

  • Most surgeries can be accomplished in a single stage.
  • If two approaches are necessary during your procedure, these can usually be done on the same day under the same anesthetic.
  • It is rare to stage surgical procedures (I.e., do the surgeries under different anesthetics over several days from different approaches)

So, why does it happen?

  • Rarely, the procedures are so complex and lengthy that due to length of anesthesia or blood loss, you need surgery in separate sessions.

At the end of the day, if you are offered surgeries that have stages which would take place over several days, take a moment to understand the reasoning and if it is necessary. Most surgeries can be done in a single sitting, on a single day, often through a single incision. It is always our recommendation to get a second opinion.